About Us

Our vision here at Light of Faith is to be a resource center for your family.

After starting this business 15 years ago as an extension of our family lending library, we have had the opportunity to preview many new (and old) publications from sources all across the country. Countless books have been discarded as we strive to offer you only the best of the best! One of our main goals is to provide encouragement for Christian families as they seek to strengthen relationships and develop family vision. We are also particularly interested in providing reading material that presents the Gospel, encourages spiritual growth, or gives practical instruction from God’s Word.

Over the past few years, we have put together a large collection of resources focused on creation science and a biblical worldview. Several areas of recent development are a collection of family friendly films and providential history and government curriculum which cover both world and American history. We are constantly evaluating all of our products, and we will never carry any item that we would not want in our home for our own family’s use. Each resource that we add to our website is subject to careful evaluation, and we strive to avoid materials with underlying humanistic philosophies that are so deceptive. Please see the “How We Choose” section for additional information on how we select our products.

Jimmy & Megan and family


Jimmy started Light of Faith Resources as a small business experiment after completing a K-12 homeschool education. The experiment slowly turned into a small business venture, branching out to area homeschool conventions and an online store. Jimmy and Megan were married in 2005 after a 7-month courtship, and have been blessed with five beautiful children who love to "help" as often as they can with the family business. "Testing" Melissa & Doug products has become a favorite pastime!

In addition to managing Light of Faith Resources, Jimmy works as political consultant providing campaign management services; supervises American Government Camp, a bi-annual week-long government and civics camp for homeschool students; and is available to speak at homeschool conventions from the perspective of a second generation home educator.


Jim & Ann, Sarah, and Rebekah

Jimmy's parents, Jim and Ann, were pioneers of a sort when they braved the unknown to begin their homeschool journey several decades ago. Ann previews most of our products, assists with data entry for LIght of Faith Resources and continues to supervise a lending library to families in the Joplin area. Jim preaches at a family-integrated church, manages a small roofing business, and assists with mechanical and maintenance issues during convention season.

jasr pic

Sarah assists us at various conventions when she is not backlogged with her seamstress business:  Joyfully Sewn Designs.

Rebekah is an outgoing, enthusiastic free lance writer who has authored four books:  Home Fires of the Great War, Unexpected Request, Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay, and Lower Lights and Other Stories. In addition to her writing, she also helps at various conventions.


To all of you, from all of us at Light of Faith Resources - Thank you and God bless your family as you seek to honor Him!