Reading Books (Level 4)

Reading Level 4 contains books with a challenge to maturity, special interest to young people, and because of topics, some are not suitable for younger readers

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  1. Basket of Flowers, The (Hardback)

    Basket of Flowers, The (Hardback)

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $16.00

    This book is a treasure! It is the story of a pious old gardener and his daughter, Mary. Mary is unjustly accused of stealing but cannot prove her innocence. After having all of their belongings taken away, she and her father are banished from their homeland. But God has not forsaken them, and He guides their every step and turns all into good as they love and trust Him. This story is full of the Word of God (over 540 Scripture references!), child-like faith, and homely wisdom from the beauties and wonders of His creation. Highly recommended! Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series Hardback, 177 pages. This book is also available in audio format! Learn More
  2. Buried in the Snow

    Buried in the Snow

    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price: $14.40

    In this coming-of-age story, thirteen year old Jacques and his elderly grandfather are buried under the snow all winter, trapped in a simple chalet high in the Jura Mountains. With scant provisions and their only company, each other and a lone goat, even yet the Lord does not leave them desolate but Himself comforts them and enables them to endure the hardships and isolation with fortitude and patience. Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series Hardback, 116 pages. Learn More
  3. Candle in the Window, The

    Candle in the Window, The

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price: $11.20

    Tully wants more than anything to make his teacher smile. But no one knows that Miss Ravenstow is trying to escape the pain from her past. No one, that is, except Tod the mailman, who holds in his hands something far more valuable than a special delivery. Discover a very special Christmas story that opens the door for those seeking shelter from the pain of their past. Inspire your entire family with a beautiful portrayal of how a simple candle in the window can bring hope for the future and an encounter with the Light of the world. Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series Hardback, 88 pages.

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  4. Captive, The

    Captive, The

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price: $12.00

    This gripping account of a sixteen-year-old boy, kidnapped by Algerian pirates, will keep you on the edge of your seat! Bought by a rich Muslim family, a powerful drama unfolds as he is faced with a decision that could grant him his freedom—or possibly their freedom in Christ. The reality of his faith in Christ is severely tested, yet by God’s grace he stands firm with eternal results. This is another reprint by the author of Basket of Flowers. Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series Hardback, 84 pages. Learn More
  5. Comfortable Troubles

    Comfortable Troubles

    Regular Price: $24.00

    Special Price: $19.20

    Lucy is so close to her family that it would break her heart to be separated from them. Yet if she is to regain her health, she must leave her loved ones, along with the many responsibilities she fulfills, and try to rest. With Lucy's journey come new trials. While many would buckle under daily oppression, Lucy becomes stronger. With a determined spirit Lucy regains more than just her health. Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series Hardback, 288 pages.

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  6. Crown & Covenant Series (Set of 3 books)

    Crown & Covenant Series (Set of 3 books)

    Regular Price: $36.97

    Special Price: $29.58

    The Crown and Covenant Series follows the lives of the M’Kethe family as they endure persecution in 17th century Scotland. Later, some family members flee to colonial America. The author skillfully weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish Covenanting history. • Duncan's War (Book #1) • King's Arrow (Book #2) • Rebel's Keep (Book #3) Learn More
  7. Faith & Freedom Series (3 books)

    Faith & Freedom Series (3 books)

    Regular Price: $35.97

    Special Price: $28.78

    The Faith & Freedom Trilogy, sequel to the Crown & Covenant Series, chronicles new generations of the M'Kethe family who find freedom in 18th-century America. Adventure is afoot as Old World tyrannies clash with New World freedoms. Douglas Bond weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish and American history. This set contains the following exciting historical books: • Guns of Thunder, Paperback, 261 pages. • Guns of the Lion, Paperback, 260 pages. • Guns of Providence, Paperback, 224 pages. Learn More
  8. Finding Joy

    Finding Joy

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $12.76

    Where does joy come from? That is the question Paige Martin faces when life’s challenges threaten to overwhelm her. Her husband is out of work, a longed-for baby has been lost through a miscarriage, and now they are moving far away from all that is familiar. Struggling to cope with these frightening changes, Paige slowly walks through the Lord’s lessons on finding joy. Paperback, 274 pages.

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  9. Gift from the Storm

    Gift from the Storm

    Regular Price: $11.99

    Special Price: $9.59

    One cold, dark evening a young stranger appears outside the Morgan home with two small children. Injured and on the verge of complete exhaustion, she will only say that her name is “Amy.” Where did she come from? Who is she? And what has she been through? Dr. Justin Morgan and his family look for answers as they struggle to minister life and health to the needy ones in their midst. Paperback, 268 pages.

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  10. Glaucia, The Greek Slave

    Glaucia, The Greek Slave

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $20.00

    Glaucia, the Greek Slave masterfully depicts the intricacies of a momentous time in human history. Ancient Rome and Greece are the backdrop for this dramatic account of the early Christians, whose belief in the one true God stands in stark contrast to the polygamous world in which they live. Great faith, perseverance, and unyielding courage are paramount as they live according to what they know to be right and true. Lamplighter Rare Collectors Hardback, 256 pages. Learn More

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